Design Objective:
This project provided a chance to develop an identity for a new company. The company will have a distinctive product of choice and must offer a variety of products whether scented, flavored, or shaped. The importance of establishing initial identification requires developing an identifiable logo as well as thoughtful patterning and packaging for featured products. The packaging designs are unified by cohesive appearance.
Design Brief:
 Wix is a candle company that produces smokeless, long lasting fragrance, beeswax candles. Wix was branded with a script font. The tiddle on the i was replaced with a flame, representing the primary product of the company. Strokes were added to the logotype to create unity between the flame and type strokes. The two candles were mocked up in different colored candle containers to differentiate between the scents. The packaging showcased the logo, scent, and pattern for easy identification of products or packaging by customers.

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