Design Objective:
Research the branding, surface design, packaging, and presentation trends used in the wine industry. Develop a branded packaging suite for the co-branded wine, Red Hawk Red. Develop the logo, front label, back label,  patterns, box and bag dielines, and prototypes.
Design Brief:
Red Hawk Red is a co-branded wine between Catawba Farms and CVCC/ The logo that was created for this project resembled a hawk in flight and also had nuances to the CVCC logo. The label was a color that complimented both parties’ branding guidelines. The dieline for the bag was created to have a triangular shape when built. The dieline for the box was designed to have a peek-a-boo cut out on the front of the box to showcase the label. The pattern was designed to have the same nuances from the logo that were found in the CVCC logo.

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