Design Objective:
This project allowed the opportunity to develop the identity for a new bank that would appeal to a youthful generation. The methods utilized to establish an appealing brand included creating a social campaign, microsite, logo, business cards, and a variety of print collateral pieces that have a unique messaging style.
Design Brief:
 United Bank and Trust has their clients’ convenience, comfort, and confidence at the forefront. With these concepts in mind, a U was incorporated into the logo brand. The two figures in the logo represent the many skyscrapers in the city. The logo mark and type are balanced and have even stroke weights throughout the design. Two bright colors were chosen for the logo. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and stability. Red symbolizes strength, determination, and power. The social campaign was created to target a wide variety of people and to encourage them to make United Bank and Trust a valued partner in their financial affairs.

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