Design Objective: 
The objective of this project was to create the identity for a new pharmaceutical drug. Additional material including a trade show booth and animation were also created. The booth was to be designed at a 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ size and constructed at a 1/10 scale. Cortipril (duloxetine) a prescription based drug that helps with severe depression and chronic pain. Cortipril helps with a chemical imbalance in the brain.
 Design Brief:
The Serotonin chemical symbol was used to brand the drug because it is stimulated to be released after the medication is taken. Three blues were used for the logo mark. One of the atoms in the chemical compound was used to be the tiddle on the first ‘i’ in Cortipril. The animation for the logo begins with the text Cortipril coming in from the left. Once the text is where it needs to be, the logo mark begins to branch out from the first ‘i’ in Cortipril. When the logo mark is branched out all the way, it gets bigger and goes back down to size as the tagline goes into place under the drug name. The construction of the booths was rather simple. Felt was placed to simulate the carpet found in some tradeshow booths. Tables and televisions were made down to scale. The televisions displayed a scene from the animation.

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