Design Objective:
Choose an image to work with. Develop a full color 11x17 poly geometric portrait. On a working layer break down the image into simple geometric shapes. When colorizing take into consideration that shading will affect the dimensional look of the image. 
Design Brief:
An 11x17 file with six base layers was created. These layers consisted of the background, body, hair, floral crown, eyelashes, and freckles. After making the background, the body and face were created. The floral arrangement on the woman’s head was created with tedious attention to detail. After all components to the image were created came the time to add color. When adding color highlights, shadows, curves, and depth were taken into consideration. Lighter and darker shapes were placed where the original image had highlights or shadows. 208 nude tones were used on the woman’s body. Over 200 colors were also used for the floral crown. All of the shapes were created with the pen tool except the freckles and eyelashes which were individually placed with the brush tool.

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